Gutter guards are a means to eliminate leaves, debris and branches from collecting in the gutters of property. CC Gutter Cleaning provides different options in gutter guard protection systems, including screens, surface tension, and fine mesh. For quality solutions at competitive prices, contact us.

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Gutter Guard Protection Systems

Gutters can be miserable to clean. The job is one that is messy, smelly and without the proper equipment a DIY gutter cleaning project can be dangerous.  Gutter guard protection systems are a way to help keep gutters clear of leaves and debris.


Gutter screens are the most common type of gutter guard. The screens are available in a variety of materials and shapes and can be installed in various ways. Gutter screens are the best option for areas where leaves are a problem. However, they are not resistant to small particles. Pine needles, seeds, and other small particles can enter through the screens. To clean the gutters, the screens will need to be removed. Gutter screens can be installed in different ways. For some properties, the screens can be slid up under the shingles. This type of installation is ideal as the design allows the screen to angle in a downward slope so that debris can slide off the roof. Other installation methods include dropping the screens into the shingles or asphalt which is a good choice for fragile roofs.

  • Cost efficient
  • Keeps large leaves and debris from entering gutters
  • Easy to install
  • Suitable for most roof types

Fine Mesh

Fine mesh guards are similar to screens as they block out all but the smallest debris. The mesh design eliminates clogging of pine needles and seeds but does not eliminate small particles getting trapped in the mesh, or seeping into the gutters. With this type of guard, occasional cleaning is necessary which can be achieved by an air blower or brush clean.

Installation of fine mesh guards can be attached to the shingles or the back of the guards can be bent in an upward position and screwed to the fascia. Gutters become more durable allowing them a longer lifespan, particularly advantageous for snow and ice avalanche areas. Fine mesh screens are best when made from tough surgical stainless steel.

  • Easy to clean
  • Keeps leaves and other debris from entering the gutter
  • Higher quality guards hold up to branches, ice, snow and strong winds
  • Works with different roof types: shakes, shingles, slate, tile, etc.
  • Depending on installation type, the gutter benefits with additional strength
  • Ideal for use with old, brittle shingles

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