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Roof Pointing Services

Typically, pointing covers the ridge capping. Pointing is troweled on and is the outermost skin. In days past, the construction of pointing was sand and cement based. Today, pointing is rubberized for flexibility.  With the flexibility of today’s construction of the material, point flexes and not cracks in changing weather conditions. Installation of roof pointing is done after the ridges have been bedded on sand and cement base.

CC Gutter Cleaning provides roof pointing or repointing as it is also called for new constructions, renovated construction, as well as restoring an existing roof, pointing roof tiles and all other roof work. Our standards are high, using only the best grade materials and techniques, knowing the quality of our work results in the safety and durability of your roof.

Repointing is restoring the existing pointing (the external part of mortar joints) in masonry construction. As time goes on, the roof experiences many weather condition which begins to weather and decay the joints between masonry units (typically brick). When weathering and decay occur, water can enter through the voids and cause a great deal of damage through frost weathering and from salt dissolution and deposition.

With today’s pointing, CC Gutter Cleaning can match the colours of a roof’s tiles. Flexible pointing is applied on either side of the ridge capping tiles as well as the joints. The installation allows the tiles the stability and durability they require not to get blown off during strong winds. Cracks and voids are also sealed so water cannot cause damage to the structural wall.

CC Gutter Services Also Include: 

  • Replacing cracked or broken tiles
  • Sourcing new tiles to match the existing tiles
  • Pointing gable ends
  • Roof & gutter repairs
  • Roof anchor points & safety systems

The Importance of Pointing

Over time, the mortar used in the construction begins to deteriorate, and voids are the result. Bricks will loose and not hold together. Water begins to enter the voids. The structure of the wall relies on the mortar for protection. When the mortar becomes damaged in one area, then repointing the area is possible. While the patch often stands out, CC Gutter Cleaning is superb at finishing, achieving the best blend possible.

Why Choose Us?

With each project we take on, we start with considering all the factors involved. Everything is considered from a mathematical point of the architectural style and all other factors of the project to ensure we achieve superb results.

CC Gutter Cleaning are experts in pointing with the ability to properly plan a project, keeping track with no errors and keep costs at a minimum.

Repointing is essential as, without solid pointing, the structural wall will be damaged. Our repoints last for many years and blend with the architectural style of the roof. CC Gutter Cleaning provide pointing for all types of commercial, domestic and strata properties. We have stringent guidelines set to ensure that only the best products and applications are used for lasting results. Our installers are certified and qualified and achieve excellent results.

When a value for money counts, contact CC Gutter for quality pointing solutions that are planned and implemented properly for outstanding results.

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